Gifts are always welcome, particularly if you want to ensure (not insure) a place in my thoughts or if you simply want to know that I’m smiling, regardless of the distance between us

Unique gifts are always welcome and appreciated, and your gift shows me a little more about you.

  • For the gentleman who doesn’t like to show up empty-handed, flowers are always appreciated. My favorites are orchids, yellow roses (especially with the red tip), begonias.

  • Maybe something to drink? I enjoy Tito’s vodka, red wines (Apothic Red blend is my favorite) but please bring one of your favorites I always love to explore a new taste on my palate.

  • A nice soothing candle to set the mood.

Whatever it is, I know I will love it!


  • Bra (36 triple D)

  • Panties (large)

  • Garters and Teddies (large)


Queen (tall)
I love thigh high and Cuban style


  • Sephora

  • Amazon

  • JetBlue

  • Macy’s

  • Home Depot

  • Victoria’s Secret


Layla Luv 2019